Our company, “ FAMILIA RÍOS ESPINOSA ASESORES, S.L. “, is registered with the number 170 in the Special Registry of Societies of the Illustrious College of Property Administrators of Málaga. Besides, our partners are graduated Property Administrators in the previously mentioned College of Málaga: Mrs. Ana Gladys Espinosa Infante, collegiate number 1.583 and Mr. Antonio José Ríos Espinosa, collegiate number 2.510.

Therefore, complimenting the labor of Property Administrators, we place at the Community disposal, a wide range of professionals (Economists, Labour advisors, Lawyers, Journalists), that ensure a rigorous management.

RIOS ESPINOSA offers a complete Administration service and a transparent effective management in all possible areas that the Community of Owners might need, putting at your disposal the multidisciplinary work of our professional team, in order to ensure the best possible quality service: Property Administrators, Economists, Labour advisor, Lawyer and Journalist.


  • Drafting of the yearly budget for foreseeable expenses, and its corresponding division between the different properties, and/or phases.
  • Development and implementation of a software accounting environment, which will allow access and knowledge of the financial and economic balances of the Community of Owners on demand.
  • Drafting of interim financial statements and yearly balance sheets, clearly detailing each of the items that comprise all expenses incurred, as well as the debtor and creditor items / quantities. The aim is to provide all members with a clear and precise statement of the community´s financial situation at the end of each economic term.
  • Issuing of electronic and/or paper payment slips for community expenses, both ordinary and extraordinary, and management thereof.
  • Processing of any payments and/ or income authorized by the Directive Board in accordance with the approved yearly budgets.
  • Management of notifications for ordinary and extraordinary meetings according to the current legislation for joint ownership (Ley de Propiedad Horizontal).
  • Assistance to and, where applicable, acting as secretary-administrator for all ordinary or extraordinary meetings.
  • Transcription of decisions made in the different meetings (Ordinary and/or Extraordinary) to the minutes book in the administration´s safe-keeping, providing printed copies of said decisions to all owners ( all letters and notifications sent to the Owners will be written in both English and Spanish).
  • Meetings and periodic contact, and whenever necessary in the interest of the Community of Owners, between the Administration and the president, or persons designated by the President or the Directive Board for specific purposes ( always on working days and during office hours, except by reason of force majeure).
  • The Administration fee includes office material:  folios, envelopes, photocopies, phone calls, translations…with the exception of extra Postal charges. These expenses must be covered by the Community.
  • The Administration, along with the president or other members of the Directive Board, shall pay periodic visits to the residential complex in order to check/verify the correct upkeep of the common elements , duly noting any measures that should be taken in that regard.
  • Supervision of works performed by the community employees (property employees), reporting such to the Directive Board.
  • Control, planning, and follow-up of maintenance work in general.
  • Control of any personnel hired by the Community of Owners.
  • 24 hour operating line for the Owners to use in case of any emergency that might come up.

  • Legal advice/ jurisdiction, through our lawyer, in every question related to the Community of Owners and its administration, being included among others are verbal and/or writtenconsultations.
  • Claims to debtor owners (monitory process).
  • Attention to claims and/or demands against the Community of Owners (the possible costs for notaries documents are not included (minutes, legal documents, etc) and fees for barrister in its case).
  • Permanent and ongoing consultancy services to the Community of Owners, through our Economists, regarding all tax accounting matters.
  • Drafting of tax obligations that the community might need.
  • Drafting of writings, petitions and claims, as well as assistance before official bodies.
  • Permanent and ongoing consultancy services, through our Labour advisor, of the community of owners regarding labor matters (property employees); the said services shall comprise any matter pertaining the labor law and/or social security.
  • Labor consultancy of the community: verbal and/or written inquiries, registration and cancellation of employees with social security, reports for job-related accidents or illnesses, receipts for payment of salaries, study and issue of forms for social security contributions, both in the general and industrial accidents regimes, as well as nominal account of contributors, reporting of personnel infractions and drafting of sanctions…

Management and control of all matters pertaining to policies subscribed and/or estimated by the community of owners with general insurance companies, such as: insurance proposals, accident statements/reports, collection of indemnities, etc.


Creation of a personalized web with private access, with a complete and attractive design, in which all owners will have at their disposal, at any moment, the documents of their Community (Minutes, Agendas, Regulations, Normative, Insurance…), news and reports about what happens in the Community, as well as the possibility of using the web as meeting point between the Owner and us, the Administrators. The update and maintenance of the website will be carried out by our Journalism and Community Manager Graduate, making sure that this new media we offer counts with the greatest possible professional integrity. This service, as well as the former ones, will be included in the professional fees of RÍOS ESPINOSA as Property Administrators.